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Indie Summit
    45 mins
  1. 5 mins
  1. 30 mins

    Andy Hood is the VP of Emerging Technologies at marketing and advertising giant WPP.  Leading TV expert, Dr. Alex Connock, is Senior Fellow at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, specializing in Media and AI, and is a published author on the subject of AI. In this fascinating and enlightening discussion, together they will explore the role of AI and share their experiences and insights for the M&E industry.

  1. 40 mins

    Discover how much of a game-changer AI and machine learning is, and how it's benefitting broadcast businesses. We’ll ask the panel their views on: How is the industry looking to adapt? What technologies and AI tools have already been adopted and how do our panelists keep on top innovative technologies in such a rapidly evolving market place?

    Where do our experts think the boundary is between Machine Learning and AI, and is there an argument that products which harness the power of Machine Learning are enough without going “full AI”?

    What insights do this panel of leading industry technologists have, and do they have a strategy for pushing the technological boundaries further?

  1. 25 mins

    Industry leaders in both AI research and industrialisation of AI across enterprises, NVIDIA share insight and guidance on how to make the journey from research into enterprise-class deployments of AI, combined with examples from industry such as the recently launched Getty Images Generative AI platform.

    Sponsored by NVIDIA / Scan Computers
    25 mins
  1. 45 mins
    Where can Artificial Intelligence push the boundaries of storytelling? How does it disrupt traditional methods of conveying a narrative? As AI is integrated into the creative process is it really possible for generative AI to provide original ideas and does it bring the creativity of human to a project? Find out from our panel of industry experts if AI has inspired them in their work, and how they think the industry might utilize generative AI and ChatGPT.
  1. 15 mins
    Artificial Intelligence is the hot topic for 2023, and despite being in development for at least 10 years, it's now at a turning point where it's becoming accessible on an industrial scale. Find out what world-leading data and analytics company, GlobalData's recent research uncovered in its most comprehensive and detailed report to date, and what AI means for media businesses.
  1. LUNCH
    60 mins
  1. 30 mins

    Described as “the world's first long form narrative show that uses deepfake technology”, and the first series that turned some of the country's leading impressionists into A-list celebrities. At the start of each episode is a disclaimer about the celebs being played by actors and their faces all being deepfakes, and at the end, their real faces emerge during the credits.

    We hear from some of the creative team behind the ITVX series to find out more around the processes, planning, technical and production techniques to create this series.

  1. 40 mins
    As AI tools gain momentum, how will this influence, inspire or change Post Production workflows? Discover what significant changes have already been embraced in the sector and find out what the potential benefits are in terms of quality and savings in both efficiencies and costs. Where will human intervention win out over AI? Many Post houses embraced AI tools some time ago so what can be learned from their experience by other sectors just setting out on their AI journey? Our panel of leading Post Production industry professionals share their insights and experiences.
  1. 25 mins

    AI/ML has had a frenzied effect on technology today, generating both innovation and philosophical discussions. Avid has been leveraging AI for many years to elevate creativity and simplify bringing ideas to life. In this masterclass you can learn how Avid is delivering AI to power creative intelligence and see demo’s of AI-powered solutions. 

    Sponsored by Avid
    30 mins
  1. 30 mins

    Will AI take our jobs? It’s the question which has been at the forefront of many recent debates, and none more so than in the broadcast industry, as the high profile Hollywood writer's strike has highlighted. Our panel discusses what the effect of Artificial Intelligence could be on the workforce and diversity within it,  and how AI could lead to new opportunities within the industry. They’ll discuss practical ways in which workers can equip themselves for the future and advise employers how to reassure, upskill and empower their employees so they are able to adopt new practices. Find out what training is on offer, and what kind of skills set will be required when working with AI. 

  1. 40 mins
    From ethics, rights, and accountability, through to employment, displacement, and the blurring of lines between human creativity and generative AI, no question is off the table in what promises to be an exciting finish to the day.  This is the audience’s chance to have a voice and put their questions up for debate by the fantastic line up of industry leaders, lawyers, and media experts.
  1. 60 mins