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AI Creative Summit

Indie Summit

Foster Creativity with the Power of AI

16 Nov 2023

The effect that recent AI/ML technologies such as Generative AI has had on the industry has created disruption from a philosophical to an innovation perspective. Avid has been leveraging AI for many years and are keen on the opportunities while remaining sensitive to applying a Responsible AI approach that elevates creativity and simplifies bringing ideas to life.  Learn more about Avid’s vision and emerging technology driven by AI to power greater creators.  

In this Masterclass, Shailendra Mathur, VP Architecture at Avid will introduce Avid Ada the foundation of our AI/ML research and our future vision. Shailendra will give demos of existing and emerging AI-powered solutions and describe some of the core technology directions. Using specific use cases, he will show how Avid Ada, the artistic digital assistant, accelerates the creative process by providing better ways to use AI to foster creativity.

Shailendra Mathur, VP Architecture - Avid
Sponsored by Avid